Virtual Advisor

Stay organized, segment your prospects and manage your client relationships.

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Virtual Advisor is a total business management system offering client management, calendar organization, email and tracking, marketing campaign design, business segmentation and compliance, online Strategy Assessments and mobile access.

Client Management

Maintaining an organized and clean database can dramatically improve your bottom line.

The client management segment of Virtual Advisor is designed with the financial professional in mind.

Inside you will find the data fields you need along with the ability to search information and segment targeted groups.


Seamlessly communicate with your staff and consumers

Create individual or group emails with the touch of a button. Personalize bulk emails with the mail merge features. Automatically store emails in your database for added organization and sync email to all of your devices.


Organize your day and manage critical schedules

View your schedule as well as others in the office, invite your team and/or consumers to important meetings, color-code different activities so they are easily identified and sync your calendar to all of your devices.

Strategy Assessment Engine

The Strategy Assessment Engine is a dynamic, online fact-finding tool that determines the next logical question based on previously provided answers.

Assign an assessment to your client’s Generational Vault or directly email it to them. Answers will funnel back into your Virtual Advisor database.

Wealth Watch

Wealth Watch is an extremely flexible and impressive system with the capacity to monitor your clients’ entire portfolio, instead of limiting the serve to just one or two types of accounts or a single investment.

It allows you to customize triggers and alerts that will automatically notify your team when clients’ account values go above or below the thresholds you have selected.

Marketing Campaigns

Stay in touch with your clients

Now, you can schedule one event or an entire year of activity with the marketing campaign function. Automated emails will be sent on your behalf or activities scheduled on the calendar so no task is ever forgotten. Track and monitor results inside of Virtual Advisor.

Lead Dashboard

Automate and view consumer materials with ease

Automation of online marketing helps ensure your prospecting and branding occurs 24/7. Online consumer information collected from landing pages and Strategy Assessments, such as name, phone number and email address, can be automatically fed into your Virtual Advisor database eliminating data entry.